March 7, 2009

I liked the good old days

I miss how things used to be between me and David. When he was sweet and always nice, even if I was cranky or moody that day he would still be nice. Now its different since his parents moved...What happened to the cute little shy boy that used to ask if he could give me a kiss or a hug because he was scared. Now its like I have to tell him to stop, because I know nothing good will come of it. Also whenever I'm like PMSing he just decides its funny or alright to act mean to me back; seriously its not like I can help PMSing, I have no control over that I'm sorry. Its not only then, but when something doesn't go his way, or he is in some sort of financial situation with bills, or he's tired, or I don't want to do something he decides to take it out on me like its my fault.

Ugh it just frustrates me so much...I miss the David Beamer back in 2005-2006!

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