April 13, 2009


I'm really sorry for the inconvienece, but I just really got tired of having 4 blogs and keeping them all up to date. If you would really like to continue following my blogs I will still be using livejournal and tumblr.

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Thanks for following if you did!

I'm going to delete this blog in about a week to give everyone time to figure out why Candid Nebula is no longer on the web.

April 11, 2009

Just another day!

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April 7, 2009

My heart is torn!

Olet tällainen eri henkilö nyt!
Olet tällainen eri henkilö nyt!
Olet tällainen eri henkilö nyt!
Olet tällainen eri henkilö nyt!

I feel like you don't even try anymore. I've always known this wasn't going to work out. You're just too lazy and all think about is your self. I don't need someone like you who is just bringing me down. You have yet to ever help me out in any sort of situation. Its such a shame!

Olet hyvin laiska henkilö, joka vain ajattelee itseään. Pari päivää sen jälkeen, kun olemme hajottaa ja sen takaisin vanhat tavat ... mitä järkeä ei tekevät? Haluatko olla tulevaisuudessa minulle? No ajatella uudelleen, jos tämä kaikki aiot tehdä elämässä. Et voi edes ajatella itse. Et voi jopa löytää FAFSA verkkosivuilla kysymättä apua. Odotat, että asiat on luovutettava sinulle.

I'm sorry, but I deserve better than you!

April 1, 2009

Writer's Block

So its decided I am not going to prom because David and I simply don't have the money to.

Anyhow...I've come to the conclusion that I should really stop dressing so lazily. I don't know, for some reason its just all starting to come together now.
I also really like this girl's leggings! I want them!

March 29, 2009

Because I Can

From: Little Paper Planes

Don't give me the BS, grow up already, stop thinking the world needs to make you happy, and stop being such a perve!
You're seriously starting to just waste my time.

I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder where my life would be if I never met David. I know for a fact it would be completely different. I'm not sure if it would be a good different or bad different. Makes me wonder...

Also, I have a little something for you mindless religious drones out there:
10 Reason Not to Have a Religion

March 20, 2009


This guy has an amazing voice and an amazing sense of style. Seriously, he is going to be on my playlist now! I'm liking it!

Really, go listen!


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