March 16, 2009

Pretty good...

So I decided to go on a mission and find some cute silver, ankle strap flats and guess what! I FOUND THEM! I actually bought them from Forever 21 for about $22 when you include tax. I know everyone will have them within the next week, but I really wanted them. The inside of the shoe is black and gray zebra print and suprisingly, they are actually pretty comfortable! If you want some like these for a reasonable price, check them out at Forever 21!

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Other than that, me and the boyfriend are back on good terms. He has actually been acting like the David Beamer that I originally fell in love with and I have missed it so much! He brought me flowers unexpectidly yesterday to say sorry even though he knows I don't like flowers. Oddly, I really liked the ones he got me and I am thankful he did that! We also made Strawberry Shortcakes this afternoon which were delicious! My first time actually ever trying them and they were pretty good.

Not only that, but I've been watching my calorie intake and I am now a size 00 in jeans! I am also starting to get a little bit of thigh space too! Anyone that knows me knows that I like to be thin and I'm not a big fan of being overweight! No I don't have an eating disorder and no I'm not trying to get one, I just want to be thin!

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