March 9, 2009

I've been thinking...

So I've been thinking a lot lately about my little relationship situation. I've realized over this past year how different David and I really are. To be honest we aren't much alike. I've noticed that he is one of those people that like to party rather than taking care of important things which is the complete opposite of me. I would rather get my things taken care of and have time to myself and not go out and party and try new (illegal) things. Its like he doesn't care about what happens in the future and I need someone that knows what they want to do and doesn't plan their entire life on what I'm doing and decide they want to change their plans because I'm going somewhere else. Not only that, but he is a family person and I'm not. I hate the thought of family or children. I dislike little kids and I don't enjoy being around family-like things. It puts me in such a bad mood. Really, because of that one family issue I really don't think David and I would last very long. He is one of those people that need to be with their family and have some sort of frequent contact and I'm not...I really think that is going to mess things up in the future. Another thing is, when I go up north...I think we are really going to fall out.

I'm not trying to be pessemistic, but I am a pessemist and the way things are going right now I don't think its going to last that long. I want it to, but I doubt it will...its been just going downhill in the past year or so.


  1. we wont fall apart baby i love you more than anything to let us fall apart. <3

  2. Then why have you been letting us?
    We have been falling apart, you can't see it? Its in plain site, but then again you don't really notice much about our relationship to begin with anyhow. =/

  3. I was seeing it but i was in denile. i didn't think it was. but I see it now like as clear as day and im sorry. I won't let it end though no matter what cause i love you more than any thing in this world im sorry for not noticing stuff. I can be blind sometimes and i am sorry for being blind this past year. im going to make those wishes to come true for you I LOVE YOU BABY <3



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