March 9, 2009

I Wish

I wish I had someone that would just sit with me and listen to music we both liked instead of fighting over what to play.

I wish I had someone to share my art work with that would be mature about it and not act like they are 13.

I wish I had someone to paint with so that we could admire each others paintings.

I wish there was someone who likes to just sit in silence like me instead of constantly needing something to be said.

I wish I had someone who would rather do other things besides watching television.

I wish I had someone who would recommend books for me to read, because they read it and thought it was just purely amazing.

I wish I had a friend to just talk to when that special person just isn't cutting it.

I wish there was a restart button to life.

I wish I would have stuck to playing the piano.

I wish I didn't get irritated so easily in life, but I guess that has to do with the people I surround myself by.

I wish someone create something popular and dedicate it to me because they just like me that much.

I wish I had someone that would just spoil me and take me on shopping sprees.

I wish there was someone whose family wasn't so judgemental about me and not act like complete asses to me when its uncalled for.

I wish I didn't have to deal with other's families as a matter of fact.

I wish someone would just spend all their time with me when I'm sick and cancel all their other plans just because the care for me that much.

I wish I had someone who had the same political views as I do and beliefs about a religion.

I wish there weren't perverted guys in the world that only think about sex, alcohol, partying, or drugs.

I wish I could just get out of Southern California and leave it and all the madness behind.

There are a lot of things in life I wish for, but lately I've just been really wanting these things. I know it may make me seem like a spoiled brat and I will agree because I know I can be one. I don't really care anymore. I'm anything bad you can think of pretty much, well personality wise, and I can't really change that. No one can change themselves like that. I want to be around people that are like me! I want to be around people that don't make fun of me because of the things I like (eg: being a member of a hamster forum). I want to be in Oregon even if people think that the people there are weird. I want to be there because I'm weird and everywhere else nobody understands me.

Nobody on this planet truly understands me! I don't care how much you believe you know about me, you don't know it all and you probably will never know.

Sorry I need to just free my mind, there is just so much trapped in there because the people around me are so judgemental and absolutely must comment on anything I say in a negative way.


  1. I don't know if you are going to read this babe. IM sorry. I got lost. real lost. we need to talk about things like this you can tell me anything. I love your music. I just don't know of any artist to download on my zune. also i thought the people were weird but that was when i was a lil kid. and the people were like our age and they were acting crazy lol. also I love art I don't talk about it cause im afraid to say i like it cause im afraid you will or someone els will think that im gay for liking art. and i hate when people call me that for all the things i use to like I still love art. i just hate being called gay cause i like stuff like that. thats prolly why i have and want sex so much to try and prove that im not gay. which im not really but i should'nt call if you or anyone else thinks im gay. cause i know i am not. also im sorry i cant offer you other books to read. i just have a hard time reading and its getting better though but i love reading with you. also ill love to listen to music with you. also i cant paint =[ i wish i could ill try with you but dont make fun of me. lol also i sorry for spending my money on stupid stuff. I am going to start spoiling you baby i love you and im sorry

  2. David, its not that easy...
    Also a lot of people have told me people in Oregon are weird, it wasn't just you.



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