March 19, 2009

Blah, blah, blah!

I'm tired of the daily repeated pattern that never seems to get mixed up. I do the same thing everyday, every week, every month pretty much. Now that I really think of it...seriously, I don't even have to go into work to get my schedule anymore, I just know when I'm working. Every weekday it seems like I wake up at 5:40am, leave to school at 7am, go to Carl's Junior or Mc Donalds for lunch at 11:43am, go home for 5 minutes at 2:30pm, leave to work or either ROP at 3:30-4pm, and get home around 9pm. After school on Friday's I normally go to David's casa for a couple hours, somehow end up playing rockband with his annoying drunk roommates from time to time, driving around for at least an hour or two trying to think of something to do, usually end up going to Walmart, Target, or Barnes and Noble, and then he drops me off back at my house. That's usually how Saturday and Sunday play out as well if I'm not working. Its so reduntant its not even funny. I feel like I'm a robot programmed to do the same thing on a daily basis.

UGHHHHH this is exactly why I can't wait to go to college.

Also I'm tired of people thinking that I want to try a drug, alcohol, or tobacco when I don't! GET IT THROUGH YOUR FAT HEAD! I DON'T WANT TO TRY ANYTHING! I'm a good child, I was raised better than that. Plus if I were to try anything I would at least wait until I'm legally allowed to drink. There is a HEALTH reason as to why they have an age limit! Why do you think our generation is so fucking retarded now? Now stop asking me people! I will not try anything with you and if you aren't legal, I will certainly look down upon you...

Enough said, I'm tired...

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  1. this post represents exactly how i feel too!
    the daily routine that we are all so sick off.. :)



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